P.S. 91 Winter Show Spectacular returns with a bang!

By Mr. Pagan, P.S. 91x

 The students at P.S. 91 performed at the school's annual Winter Shows and astounded the crowd of fellow students, parents, school staff, and such visitors as Councilman Fernando Cabrera and school superintendent Maribel Hulla. On December 14, students from Kindergarten to second grade, led by Ms. Raymond, performed such holiday classics as "Jingle Bells" and "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer" to thunderous applause.

On December 16, students in the upper grades (3rd grade -5th grade) were led by Mr. Quirion. They performed an equally astounding set which included a hilarious rendition of the "Cold Theme" (including sneezes, sniffles, and snow falling from the top of the stage)  and a breathtaking take on the classic "Everlasting Memory". A video of the shows will be available soon but in the meantime check out our wonderful gallery of pictures.


Daniel Pagan