P.S. 91x celebrates World Read Aloud Day!

World Read Aloud Day 2017

By Ms. Jacyszyn

On Thursday, February 16, 2017, P.S. 91 celebrated World Read Aloud Day. Every year, World Read Aloud Day calls global attention to the importance of reading aloud and sharing stories. The purpose of this day is to celebrate literacy and the power of books around the world. As Clifford welcomed students to school and walked through the auditorium, the excitement about the day began to grow. Students were all wondering why the Big Red Dog was walking around their school! Clifford explained that it was World Read Aloud Day and they would all be listening to and reading stories in their classrooms. 

Parents were then welcomed into the auditorium to learn about this special day and listen to a story read by Assistant Principal, Ms. Mamara. The nostalgic book chosen by Ms. Mamara, “Once Upon a Memory,” brought parents back to a care-free time when they used their imaginations to play and wonder. The story ended with asking readers to think about the time when they were a kid. Parents were able to relate by thinking about their own children and how a simple story could evoke so many memories and emotions. 

Ms. Mamara ended the enjoyable read-aloud by telling parents how they can use read-alouds to spark discussion with their children. Parents were then invited to visit their child’s classroom to listen to a story or even read a favorite book of their own! The abundance of parents who came to celebrate World Read Aloud Day truly showed students how important reading is not only to their teachers but also to their parents and families. By reading books with their children, parents are able to form a deep bond and engage in memorable conversations and moments that children will remember forever. 

Thank you to everyone who helped P.S. 91 celebrate World Read Aloud Day 2017!





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