P.S. 91X Employs The Democratic Process To Choose An Amazing Student Council

by Mr. Levine, P.S. 91X

Photography by Mr. Pagan

P.S. 91X 2018-2019 Student Council

P.S. 91X 2018-2019 Student Council

Hello, this is Mr. Levine - This year I will be guiding the P.S. 91X Student Council. I am so proud of the way our students went about choosing the Student Council this year. Each grade chose to hold elections so they could vote on the most qualified candidates to represent them on the Council. In the 2d and 3d grades, each class chose a student to represent it by giving a speech at an assembly. At the assembly, each class representative gave an inspiring speech about why they would make a great Council member and how they would help to make the school even better. There were ideas about having recess every day, making the menu in the lunchroom more diverse, implementing recycling in the school and getting rid of bullying in the school once and for all. The students who spoke were mostly nervous but all showed a lot of courage and determination and I am proud of each and every one of them. I am also very impressed by the audience -- those students who did not give a speech. They were polite, attentive and really thought about what it means to vote for someone to represent them.

After all the speeches were over, the audience voted and the person with the most votes was elected to be on the Student Council. The 2d and 3d grade chose one person to represent the grade while the 4th grade elected 3 students to be on the Council (there was a tie so the 4th grade gets an extra representative). The 5th grade was allowed to choose two students from each class to be on the Counsel. The 5th grader Councilmembers will be the officers. We will have elections for the officers at a later date. So, without further ado, here are the names of the P.S. 91X Student Council for 2018-2019:

Fifth Grade Members 

Safiatou Diallo

Ava Coy

Tajin Tonima

Janna Delacruz

Perla Sosa

Joel Polanco

Denisse Reyes

Guillermo Medina

Jayden Velez

Jade Lugo

Estefani Hernandez

Rosemary Polonia-Cordero

Fourth Grade Members

Macaylah Ortiz

Shanhayah Aquino

Jeun Ebat

Third Grade Member

Angelica Alcantara

Second Grade Member

Afsheen Alim

I believe that this Council will be unique and make many great contributions to the school and the community. I look forward to working with them and the administration to make the school and our world a better place. I know I have said it a few times already but every student in grades 2-5 should be proud of themselves and know that they did something special in using the democratic process (listening, considering and voting) to choose such wonderful students to be leaders at P.S. 91X.

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