FDNY Visits P.S. 91X!

By Mr. Pagan, P.S. 91X


Firefighters visited P.S. 91X to present their Fire Safety Education Program on Thursday, October 4th 2018. The goal of the program is to eliminate residential fire deaths in New York City. Fire deaths have dropped steadily during the past decades and studies have shown that there is a direct link to strong public education programs. The goal of FDNY instructors is to continually educate the public with critical lifesaving strategies that focus on fire prevention.

After listening to many helpful fire prevention tips ( keep flammable items away from kitchen, never play with lighters or matches, make sure the fire alarm at home works, blow out candles before you leave the room, practice a fire escape plan) students participated in a simulation where they had to crawl out of a burning apartment. Following the firemens’ directions students were able to sucessfully find the exit door in total darkness. 

Daniel PaganComment