P.S. 91X students create their own comic books!

By Ms. Singer, P.S. 91X Writing Enrichment Teacher

Photography, photo scans, and photo captions by Mr. Pagan

Mosfirat Ubaid holding her very own Firebolt comic.

Mosfirat Ubaid holding her very own Firebolt comic.

Fourth and Fifth Grades students taking Writing Enrichment with Ms. Singer just finished their very own original comic book! The unit was designed by Ms. Singer to promote project based learning. Students found great success and were able to deepen their understanding of story structure! They were taken through the writing process of brainstorming, drafting, revising, and editing in order to publish their own comic-strips. The unit began with an introduction to story structure using "The Three Little Pigs" (comic book version). Kymani from Ms. Antonelli and Olivo's Class shares confidently "The story begins with the Exposition, and continues to the Rising Action, the Climax is the most exciting part with all the action. After the most exciting part, the story begins to come together with the Falling Action until the ending where we learn of the solution. The ending is called the “Resolution".  Once students were familiar with the story structure, they created their own protagonist (or hero) and antagonist (or villain). Students then came up with a problem, solution, and appropriate setting for their story. In true comic book form, students stories incorporated speech bubbles for dialogue and narration boxes to inform the reader of when something is happening. Students’ comics came to life with the addition of colorful illustrations. After months of hard work, Ms. Singer celebrated student's accomplishments by having them share their work with peers. Ms. Singer states, "The unit allowed students to stretch their creative muscles and see themselves as successful authors and story tellers."

*Webmaster’s Note:

While on the teachers center I noticed Mr. Pimentel raving about a comic with Ms. Singer. I asked Mr. Pimentel if I could see the comic, since I’m a huge comic book fan, and as it turns out the comic was made by our very own Mosfirat under the pseudonym “Mosh Cucumber”! The next day, I told Mosfirat I had read her comic. and asked her if lI could pubish it on our school website? She graciously gave me permission to publish it and if you scroll below you can read her fabulous Firebolt comic! Thanks to Ms. Singer for providing the fantastic blurb about the comic book unit and shout-out to Mosfirat for her awesome comic-book!- Mr. Pagan

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